This is how I start… from a sheet of paper, a pencil, a line.

This is how I start… from a sheet of paper, a pencil, a line.

My world consists of threads with their many characteristics and infinite possibilities that become garments to be worn. All this requires skilful work; a refined and formal technique and rigorous commitment.

An album of memories; a collection of objects, photographs resting against vintage fabrics and tinted paper that tells of fragments of a journey yet to be made.

Fabric and thread matching floral and marbled jacquard where their two-fold nature contrasts for a perfect, clean material stylishly subverting the rules of classic dressing. The surface texture of the knitwear is a combination of stitches and layers, an interplay of shorn areas and reverse sides.

A jacket in wool and alpaca, bakelite buttons edged in silver, a red pocket in washable paper fabric.

Caban for men in wool, linen, elastane with micro jacquard brushed with a houndstooth pattern. Lining in faded cotton, inside pocket with pull out photo.

Cardigan/cape in soft rubberised mohair with detachable wallet and printed cotton.

Coat and gilet cardigan with paper fabric edging and silk lining.

Jacket in a wool linen blend with dinner jacket lapels and sheepskin shawl collar. Inside lining printed with portrait of Astrid Kirchherr, first photographer of the Beatles

Printed and corroded photographic images on a shiny and matt background, lined in jersey or crisp poplin.

The paper is plaited by means of a thin tape in cellulose fibre with a soffiato yarn wool giving life to warm hand-knitted pullovers

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